About Us: Trust Welly

About Us

About Us: Trust Welly
About Us: Trust Welly

About Us: Myths spread faster than facts. And the internet is full of them. Trust Valley endeavors to bust myths and bring to you real, fact-based information from experts. Be it home care tips or organization tips, we make sure they are authentic. And wherever possible, we test them at our homes before bringing them to you.

Not only this, we also try to provide product recommendations based on testing and research. We know nothing can be more frustrating than shopping online and buying a product that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Trust Welly was formed with the mission of helping you overcome this problem.

We test and recommend small kitchen appliances to give you an accurate idea of what to expect when you use them. Furthermore, we compare different best-selling products within a category so that you can buy the perfect product for your needs. Also, test and recommend some electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops, etc. to give you an accurate idea of what to expect when you use them.

Thus, we strive to educate consumers and help them make informed decisions.

The website earns money through affiliate programs. Whenever you buy a product we recommend, we receive a small commission from the seller. This does not affect your purchase price in any way.

For our reviews, we buy each product through online sites like Amazon and Flipkart, using our own money, like anyone else. Till now, we have never accepted any review unit from the manufacturers. If in the future we do this, we will mention it in the article.

About Us: Trust Welly

We buy every product we recommend. We review and list them after rigorously testing them and using them for weeks or sometimes months in a regular Indian kitchen. That way, you can know what to expect when you buy them! To finance reviews, we run an affiliate program for e-tailers. This helps us earn a commission without affecting your purchase price.

Smart home guide: Kitchen & Home Appliances

About Us: Before we launched Trust Welly, we ran the Smart Home Guide, which focused more on appliances rather than the home in general. Like most other websites, Smart Home Guide recommended products based on user-generated reviews and product specifications, unlike Trust Welly. Yes, we too are guilty of misdeeds. But, we were ready to change for good. We felt that we owed it to our readers. That’s why, whenever we create new buyer’s guides based on rigorous testing, we redirect the same pages from Smart Home Guide to Trust Welly to provide readers with the most real and authentic information.

About Us Trust Walley

About Us: Trust Walley brings to you an accurate comparative analysis of small kitchen appliances, laptops, mobile phones, etc. by presenting their reliability, guarantee, life, and prices. We do this on the basis of its quality, price, popularity, rating, and our own experience so that it can be easy for you to choose the right product.

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